Rapid Response Shelters

Earthquake, flood, severe storms, bushfires, military conflict – when natural disasters or humanitarian crises strike the greatest impact is felt by those who are most vulnerable.

Homes, property and even lives may be lost. The road to recovery may seem long, but providing comfortable, secure and reliable emergency shelters is the first step to rebuilding lives and communities.

IBSI offers Governments, Aid Agencies, Corporates and others the capability to respond rapidly to the shelter needs of displaced individuals and families suffering from the impacts of natural disasters or conflict.

IBSI shelters can be erected quickly with simple erection techniques and easy to follow step by step installation manuals allowing local unskilled workers to construct these shelters, allowing impacted communities to begin rebuilding their own lives.




Emergency shelter

Short term shelter that provides life saving support, the most basic shelter support that can be provided immediately after the disaster.


A term often used to mean either Temporary Shelter or Transitional Shelter.

Temporary shelters

Post disaster household shelter designed as a rapid shelter solution. By prioritizing speed and limiting costs of the construction, the lifetime of the shelter may be limited.

Transitional shelters

Rapid, post disaster household shelters made from materials that can be upgraded or re-used in more permanent structures, or that can be relocated from temporary sites to permanent locations. They are designed to facilitate the transition by affected populations to more durable shelter. Transitional shelters respond to the fact that post disaster shelter is often undertaken by the affected population themselves

Progressive shelters

Post disaster rapid household shelters planned and designed to be later upgraded to a more permanent status. This is achieved by integrating future transformation and alteration possibilities in structural basis of the unit.

Core shelters / One room shelters

Post disaster household shelters planned and designed as permanent dwellings, to be the part of future permanent housing, allowing and facilitating the future process of extension by the household, following its own means and resources. The aim of a core shelter is to create one or two rooms, providing safe post disaster shelter that reaches permanent housing standards, and facilitates development, but not completing a full permanent house.


IBSI’s range of emergency shelters currently comprise the following products;


This is a lightweight single room module delivered as a compact flat pack kit that can be manually erected and ready for occupation within minutes of delivery. It is intended as an emergency post disaster accommodation solution for temporary use until a transitional shelter solution becomes available. The Lotus can then be repacked, redeployed or stowed for future use.

It is delivered as a flat pack kit capable of being stacked horizontally up to 6 high on a 463L military pallet.

This allows for ready transportation by military aircraft such as helicopter or cargo plane.

Alternatively, up to 24 kits can be packed into a standard 40’ shipping container allowing for efficient global transport by road, rail, sea or air.

The total kit only weighs 278kg and can be manually erected on site by two unskilled laborers within an hour using basic tools.

Once erected the Lotus can bunk up to 4 people in a totally weatherproof 2.1m high, 5.5m2 room incorporating open-able windows and vents for natural cross ventilation.

Elevated above ground, the potential for flooding or pest incursion is minimized.

An adjustable footing system allows the modules to be erected level on uneven sites, and when required, an underfloor ground sheet filled with site sourced ballast material (sand, rubble etc) secures the module in position.

This eliminates the need for engineered in ground footings or tie downs, and allows the Lotus to be erected on any ground type from soft sand to impervious rock.

This Lotus shelter can resist the most extreme cyclonic or hurricane force winds, and the robust composite construction also ensures the structure will not collapse if subjected to seismic activity.

Refer to video for installation sequence.

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Utilizing IBSI’s Panel Building System, shelters can be constructed within days of delivery to site.

A range of standard house designs in 1,2,3 and 4 bed configurations are available that can be used for either temporary or permanent housing.

The ease of construction and ready ability to add future extra rooms makes this an ideal transitional, progressive or core shelter solution that over time transforms into a permanent home.

Refer to KIT Solutions for more details.