Bathroom Pods

IBSI have undertaken extensive research into the latest international trends in modular bathroom construction techniques resulting in development of a range of layouts for bathroom pods that can be applied to a wide range of projects.

Alternatively, our in-house Architects can develop bespoke customized design solutions to suit our Client’s specific needs.


Bathroom Pods are ideally suited to projects where construction time is limited, or where very complex service requirements exist, and where replication of designs allows for standardization, maximising manufacturing efficiencies.

Typically this applies to multi-unit buildings including;

  • Residential Apartments
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Student Accommodation.
  • Schools
  • Mining / infrastructure / Military camps


Manufacturing modular bathroom pods in a factory environment offers numerous benefits over traditional insitu construction.

  • Factory open plan, single level workspace allows for improved supervision and monitoring creating better Workplace Health and Safety conditions.
  • Increased space and ease of access allows for improved coordination and sequencing of trades ensuring Pods are completed quicker and to program.
  • A controlled factory environment reduces potential adverse impacts of extreme weather, temperature and humidity on construction time or quality.
  • Manufacture of a prototype creates the opportunity to review and approve the design and finishes at an early stage in the construction program. This is also used a quality benchmark to assess all completed pods against prior to site delivery.
  • Improved quality with increased inspection opportunities and testing of services prior to installation eliminating potential for defects.
  • Greater dimensional accuracy can be achieved ensuring uniformity and minimising site installation tolerance issues.
  • Construction programme can be shortened by up to 30% reducing Builder’s Preliminaries and Developer’s holding costs.
  • Reduces the impact of wet trades on the site and the potential damage to other finishes in the unit.
  • The Pod is supplied as a completed product with IBSI responsible for all approvals and warranties rather than the builder having to deal with a multitude of individual trades and suppliers.
  • Reduced site disruption as less trades are required to travel to the construction site and fewer site material deliveries are needed.
  • Reduced waste and improved recycling opportunities. Factory waste material is typically less than 1.5% compared with over 7% for traditional construction.