Kit Solutions

IBSI offer all-inclusive turnkey or partial building kits delivered as flatpack components customised to suit specific Client’s needs, or selected from our existing extensive range of products.

The kits comprise IBSI panels and other integral components that together form the IBSI Panel Building System.


The building system kits typically include the following items;

Floor Panels

For elevated floor applications typically 100mm panels are used for spans less than 3m, and 150mm panel for spans up to 6m.

Wall Panels

Standard wall panels are 100mm thick and precut to 2.4m high. Cill and head panels are also precut to the required lengths to suit the specific window and door heights.

Longer or thicker panels can be ordered if required. Steel channels and screws fix the walls in place.

Windows & Doors

Two piece powdercoated steel window frames incorporating architrave surrounds enclose the perimeter of wall openings and fit a wide range of aluminium window sizes and styles.

Doors utilise a similar system and come prefitted with various sizes and types of doors as required.



Polex is a composite calcium silica sheet that comes in a number of different formats suited to different applications.

A 10mm compressed board is used as a floor substrate to panel floors, or for lining external walls and soffits to be applied with a render paint finish.

An aerated 9mm paper faced sheet is used to line internal walls and ceilings.

Joint fillers, tapes and skimming powders set the joints. Internal skirtings and cornices can also be included

A range of composite external weatherboards with associated powdercoated aluminium joiner trims are also available.


Light gauge steel trusses and roof battens are supplied designed to suit various locally sourced roof cladding options, or kits can include pressed metal tiles, matching cappings, flashings and fascias with proprietary PVC gutters and downpipes.

A simple clip together ceiling batten system is supplied to support the polex ceiling lining.


Depending on the Client’s specific requirements and subject to local codes and standards, kits can also incorporate select finishing items including;

  • Cabinetry
  • Sanitary-ware, tap-ware and accessories
  • Electrical fittings and Appliances.
  • Floor / Wall finishes.
  • Composite decking and balustrades.
  • Construction tools.



The integral load bearing capacity of the IBSI Panel Building System eliminates the need for additional structural framing, allowing building kits to be rapidly assembled by small teams of supervised semi-skilled labourers in accordance with an easy step by step construction manual.

This reduced reliance on skilled tradesmen allows IBSI building kits to be constructed in remote locations where traditional construction materials and experienced workers may not be readily available.

Buildings constructed from kits using the IBSI Panel Building System offer myriad advantages over often outdated traditional construction techniques;