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IBSI Expertise

Employing leading professionals with expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Product Commercialisation, Manufacturing and Project Delivery, IBSI has an extensive in-house knowledge base with aligned capabilities.

In conjunction with our far-reaching network of professional consultants this allows us to offer our clients and customers innovative, cost saving end-to-end solutions.

With these committed resources and financial capacity to undertake a wide range of projects from bespoke housing to large multi-unit buildings, we are able to offer our clients total “turn key” delivery¬†solutions.

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IBSI’s highly experienced in-house architects and engineers specialise in producing bespoke and tailored building solutions to meet the projects individual needs.

Utilising the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) computer software our designers are able to create complete virtual 3D models of any project prior to construction. This allows seamless integration of design and fabrication and identifies and mitigates any potential conflicts prior to manufacture. The model is also used to inform the client and stakeholders, transport, logistics, installation, and commissioning teams and provides the flexibility to incorporate any feedback or value adding solutions during the design stage.

Offer building informatiion modelling icon in hand. BIM sign net


IBSI has a comprehensive project management system that ensures our clients are kept informed every step of the way. Our prime focus is on successful outcomes for our clients with key elements being time, cost and quality. All projects are professionally managed with detailed planning and collaboration with our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

IBSI operations will manage risk, provide quality assurance and meet deadlines with the understanding of client priorities.
This encompasses the full project life-cycle from project estimation, subcontract letting and management, project cost management, variations, client billing, payables management and project reporting.
Real time reporting is provided by the resources of our dedicated finance team to facilitate enhanced accountability and project management.


Initial draft plan

  • Project Management and Quality Plan
  • Quality and hold point checks
  • Preliminary construction schedule
  • Initial Risk identification and register
  • Communication plan

Project monitoring stages

  • Design stage reviews
  • Construction inspections and hold points
  • Fabrication inspections facility
  • Safety review (Initial HAZID) prior to commencement
  • Safety Audit on site
  • Construction works audits


  • Outline any defects
  • Provide a summary document of the project
  • Monitor and warrant projects

Logistics & Installation

IBSI build solutions are made for easy transportation and installation anywhere in the world. Methodology is applied to this part of the process to ensure streamlined delivery and easy install for each of the build components.

Wherever possible we utilise local subcontractors to assist with the site installation works. This offers a number of benefits including;

  • Capitalising on the benefits of local knowledge
  • Injecting funds into the local economy
  • Creating training and employment opportunities
  • Providing communities with a sense of ownership
With transportable construction systems and offices strategically placed around the globe, IBSI’s solutions can be considered anywhere in the world.

IBSI employ industry leading professionals globally, selected for their individual expertise and experience. The Company consolidates Central Services within Australia to support our global network of businesses.

We have the capability to provide an end to end solution due to the core business units;

  • International Business Development
  • Design, Innovation and Marketing
  • Product Commercialisation
  • Operations / Manufacturing
  • Certifacations, Approvals and Governance
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Project Delivery