Achieving More by using less,

A Comprehensive Understanding of sustainability when matched which each projects desired outcomes, enables IBSI to deliver Solutions in Accordance with Australian and International standards. From concept to production and installation, taking care of our environment is paramount to our process of delivering award winning projects.

Our Sustainability commitments start on engagement when you tell as about your project requirements, IBSI will then assess all possible Off-Site technologies available to your individual project needs. We encourage and recognise that off-site manufacturing brings tremendous environmental benefits from the outset.

We take full advantage of our partners factory’s waste management practices and pass them on into your project rating. We work with technologies and manufacturers that comply with best environmental practices. During our procurement process we use strategies to select products that also bring green credentials into your project.

We encourage and highlight to our major clients the benefits of mass production and offsite manufacturing, our case studies in recent projects have had a tremendous impact in the way institutions, clients and funding instruments like major Banks here in Australia perceive modular construction.


Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help your project have a low environmental impact.

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